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30. September 2006

Examining The Experiment Results

Today I waked up early to check my apiary to see bees mood after heavy rains. The plouged field was literally a sea of mud. Toppled down hives and ready to come down hives were as if in a war field. I worked nearly 3 hours rescue and put them on place. I have down loaded some from their stands not to fall down after me. Bees were very stressed. They have stung me many times. Anyway I found some temporary solutions for the hives. Shortly first of all, as soon as possible I have to carry them back to Demircihalil overwintering place and get them ready for winter. However, I can not walk in the field therefore I have to wait a few days fields drying.
In the afternoon I have met with Mr. Tugrul Giray and our collegue Mr Hasan Bali who is a retired teacher and very technical one on beekeeping issues. We went by Mr. Bali's car to his apiary in Urunlu willage which is 20 km far away on Kirklareli - Edirne Road. What a pity, his hives didn't show hygenic behaviour. He was upset a little bit. On the way to Kirklareli we went to Ridvan Ulus' apiary and Mr Giray examined the experiment results which he applied in Ridavan Ulus' apiary a fewdays ago. Some were good some were not. Later we met with Mr Ulus in kirklareli who had gone to Istanbul because of his little son Alperen's treatment. Then we drived to Kofcaz district of Kirklareli to check the experiment results in Huseyin Ugurlu's apiary. His hives had worked well than others'. Apiary is also well positioned. We gathered some berries for Assoc.Prof.Mr. Giray And Prof. Mr. Aykut Gence as a reminder of Kirklareli beekeepers. We have come to Kirklareli and we met together with Mr. Giray again after dinner and took him to the bus terminal to say bye bye. Really he was a modesty and funy one and we are waiting him visit us again.... Thanks Mr. Giray for everything.

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