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8. Juni 2007

Black Bushes Bloomed

Here a picture from my apiary. Black bushes have begun bloom till on 22'nd May and full speed nectar flow is remaining.

A Shipment To Canakkale and Happy President

This year we are rearring gueens and I have sent my first shipment as 10 items gueens to Eskisehir and what a pity with my failure 3 queens have died because of excessive stuff of accompaniment bees. My client wanted to say something but I have taken my responsibility. Later we talked on MSN service and I have seen first shipment queens photos on internet.

A picture of Kirklareli Province Bee Breeders Union President Mr. Ridvan Ulus with a shipment to Canakkale Prvince Bee Breeders Union. This time we did not hear negative something by sending 85 queens.