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31. August 2006

Its High Time To Convert Honey To Money

Weather is geting colder, I hope September honey sells will be good.Today a little bit cold I have gone to the apiary with two Agricultural Directorate officers ( Ridvan Bey and Savas Bey) to count the hives. I suppose no problem . I madicated my hives against varroa jakobseni then we dropped by Farmer Protection unit in Kavakli borough. Three rural guards are working in this unit. I have given each of them a bottle of honey, Aydın is except. Because they accostumed to my gestures which is being tradition for three years staying during summer times.

29. August 2006

Queen Exluders Gathered

I visited apiary today. There were many queen excluders around the hives. Many of them cleansed by bees for their combs on. I have put them inside a hive which is unused. Meanwhile when I went to apiary thought might virgin queens were out for nuptual flights, because bees were buzzing well. Then the sound got down gradually. There were some seperated hives which their own made queens could got out from their cells. According to out inspection their mood was cheerful. By the way, I have looked two nucs but I have not seen mated or unmated queens. A big hive was settled down and did not react me aggressively. In a frame I have seen eggs laid down disorderly. Maybe there is a laying worker inside the hive. A few days later I will inspect it again.
As a second important job, I have come across my old colleque in Mosque garden. He was Mr Alişan Koru, retired teacher from Vali Faik Ustun Primary school which is burned last year that it was built by American-Greek orthodox missioners in 1905. It was an historical place which I had a chance work there 6 months as an English teacher for 6th class students in 1999. With Mr Koru went to 3 km far away south of Kirklareli to find a proper field for overwintering bees there. We found a good place but I think it will be more efficent for summer sun-flower nectar flow. When we are coming back stopped by a garden which is well done. Its owner was Ismail Capraz retired Tv repairman. Grapes, peppers, peaches, tomatoes, strawberries also around 20 item hives. There were perfect strawberries. But he did not offer us. Anyhow I tasted a few without his offer.Then we visited Mr. Koru's walnut trees field and ate there some almonds. Later we came back to the city.

Hiveclean, A new Product Against Varoa

Today, I have gone to Agriculture Ministry Provincial Directorate, l have had some works should be done. Our bee expert Mr. Ridvan Ulus offered me to try a new production (Hiveclean) during the varoa treatment. They took 84 Turkish Liras. I haven't got enough money to get them. I promised to give their money later, Mr. Ulus has given them to me. Actually I don't like to try first sometihing new. But this time I decided to try it first. Last night I had researched this product on internet, reports were positive. Anyway we will try and see the results.
However, Province Special Local Directorate had given us money to buy nucs as support, last year. It's first back payment should be paid today. I have gone to Ziraat Bankasi to pay it, a bank employee sent me to the Directorate to take a paper which is explain the Account number and the amount. It was a big money 708 Turkish Liras. Other 3 installments will be paid coming years 07, 08, 2009. Anyway That's enough today.

12. August 2006

Harvesting Time Is Ending

Today I will go to centrifuge honey. My elder daughter Nurefsan also will come with us to help. A little bit, she is afraid of bee stings. She should be accustomed to bee stings because her school life depends on bee sitings and their honey incomes. Anyway, later I have to prepare my bad queened hives to change their queen bees. 4 or 5 days later I'll order new queens to TKV Kazan /Ankara ( Turkey Development Foundation Integrated Beekeeping Establishment in Kazan district of Ankara Province.)

1. August 2006

Harvesting Honey

Bugün 1 Ağustos 2006 Arılara gitmedim, dinlendim.Yarın bal süzmeye gitmek zorundayım. Kalemim kuruduğu için bazı notlarımı alamamıştım. Umarım unutmadığım kadarıyla 55 nolu kovanımın arılarını 51 nolu kovana koydum. I have seen Queen and settled down to the 1st flat. 1st and 2nd combs are brought from the 78 numbered hive. Number 78 have one brood chamber. I have not seen its queen bee. All combs are harvested. İts queen should be changed soon. Tomorrow, first of all, l will harvest number 68 and later l will look the others mood to harvest. 68 have good combs to sell , my firends mr. Egeli and mrs e. yilmaz are seeking for combed honey.
Merhaba, Ben Hayreddin Şakar Kırklareli Hamdi Helvacioğlu İlköğretim okulu öğretmeniyim.
Hi, My name is Hareddin Sakar, a classroom teacher, from Kirklareli province of Turkey.