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29. August 2006

Hiveclean, A new Product Against Varoa

Today, I have gone to Agriculture Ministry Provincial Directorate, l have had some works should be done. Our bee expert Mr. Ridvan Ulus offered me to try a new production (Hiveclean) during the varoa treatment. They took 84 Turkish Liras. I haven't got enough money to get them. I promised to give their money later, Mr. Ulus has given them to me. Actually I don't like to try first sometihing new. But this time I decided to try it first. Last night I had researched this product on internet, reports were positive. Anyway we will try and see the results.
However, Province Special Local Directorate had given us money to buy nucs as support, last year. It's first back payment should be paid today. I have gone to Ziraat Bankasi to pay it, a bank employee sent me to the Directorate to take a paper which is explain the Account number and the amount. It was a big money 708 Turkish Liras. Other 3 installments will be paid coming years 07, 08, 2009. Anyway That's enough today.

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