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9. September 2006

A Windy Day

I have gotten up late because last night I had come late from Edirne which we had gone there for my niece's wedding. Wedding place (Hanedan Restaurant) was very good, its performance was wonderful. In the morning, Selim Acun who is my ex neighboor and retired from provincial agriculture directorate as vineyard expert called me for some bussiness. Later I rested. Meanwile I arrived to Kavakli Town at 4 o'clock. Kavakli's park and cafe is wonderful. If you sit there you can really rest, find peace of mind. But you can't pursue your bussiness, you should put a side all jobs to do because your soul doesn't want to go bussiness after shadow sitting. Anyway, as a conscious one I left there with these thoughts. Like all saturdays, today also I went to check the apiary. Weather was very windy, first I have afraid of open the hives but I did not overcome my curiosity and I have looked at 4 or 5 hives which I was waiting their queens' laying eggs. Oh Bravo, Wonderful! All of them were laying down eggs. A nuc and the other 3 hives. Afterwards, I counted new mated hives, took their notes to my agenda. I compared summer and sprint new mated queens. I suppose that it can reach 45 item hives for this year that' s to say, nearly half of the hives changed their queens. However, some hives' queens should be changed soon, may be I have to order some new queens to TKV.

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