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3. September 2006

Putting Hives On Stands II

Me and my wife worked hard nearly two hours to put them on stands. Meanwhile I repeared some stands. Even I looked some hives during breaks, got laying workers.
A few days ago I wanted to unite two colonies that a strong one was queenless and other one was weak and new queened. I had put newly mated queen to the second chamber with 5 frames and the other one to the brood chamber. I seperated both with a sieve matter not disturb each other. 3 days later I have taken sieve matter between both in order to unite them. Today I inspected it, there were not daily eggs inside the cells. I could not see the queen. I supposed that they killed the newly mated queen and there were queen cells on the frame sides. I put them back I will think what to do later. After 6 years beekeeping I have lived such a bad experiment. This one upsetting mood. Menawhile an hive had been inspecting by me nearly 20 or more days ago, mated, laying queen flew away. I had not seen before that it was upsetting. Today that hive's newly mated queen is laying down eggs. That's wonderful view really happied me after some negative events. Later I looked that time is consumed and all the apiary is full of mosquitoes because of irrigation channels, even inside of the car is filled with mosquitoes. I took photographe some stands and apiary was good looking.

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