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26. September 2006

What Happened On The First Day of The Ramadan?

It has been long time I had not write on my blog. Last Sunday was Ramadan's first day. I had gone to apiary and ı supposed some negative results after a heavy rain. I talked you before I had lived bad things about toppled down hives from their stands. It has gotten reality this time too. Two stands were toppled down and 8 item hives had been downloaded too. After 2 hours hard working I put them on place again. I have taken some precautions for others to support them. However, bees have stung me many times especially from my right hand. I had wanted to take some pictures but I could not find a chance because of heavy bee assaults. Anyway, field was muddy and when I came back I had washed the car and wanted to polish the car a litle bit. I have done it too. And a friend had ordered me a tin of honey which is about 25 kg. When I put this tin back of the car ant it toppled down there and opened its lid. When I saw this situation I wanted to slap my face maybe I had seen wrong but it was a reality. The filled tin poured on the cars back floor. We have washed two days the car's back but honey coming down from everyhole, in addition to this because of scarsity of honey, all bees and yellow jackets (wasp) gathered around the car when we were washing it. Meanwhile, a picture bees and yellow jackets on a spot which honey stemming from a water hole of the car. It will be good idea if someone gives me an advice what to do. Maybe I have to call service...

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