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30. September 2006

An Academician From Porto Rico

Last Thursday an academician came to visit our province for giving a lecture and make some experiments to find out our bees' hygenic behaviours and struggling capacity against varroa. The first day I did not take part his lecture but my vife was there. Because I was in school. When I went to take my vife back after the lecture she told me that our hive was ressistant developed against varroa and showed hygenic behaviour which we had sent that hive nearly 3 months ago to Ankara, Middle East Technical University that Assoc. Prof. Mr. Tugrul Giray made experiments on it and other nine beekeepers' hives too. That was happied me. On thursday, later Mr. Ulus introduce me to Mr. Giray in Kirklareli and we went to Edirne together. Edirne Bee Breeders Union had invited Mr. Giray and Mr Ridvan Ulus for dinner. We have gone there by my car. We met with Edirne colegues and Turkey Bekeepers Central Union president in Kervansaray Hotel loby. We talked about the beekeepers problems and possible solutions till dinner time. Then we went to the dinner together, kebaps were wonderful. Later we visited world-famous masterpiece Selimiye Mosque which was built in 1575 by Grand Turkish Architect Sinan. The weather was rainy and we have come back after mosque visit.

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