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4. November 2007

Ploughed Garden And Bees

Last evening me and my collegue Mr. Mutluer ploughed the field. As if trees, hives and everythingelse shoved itself, came to the view. Here some pictures. Meantime I have given cakes to some hungry bees. İt was a good sunday working.


ilhamiuyar hat gesagt…

Dear teacher,I congurulation to very hard wörk and investigation.I read and follow your writings.Also you like beekeping and agrıcultural so please give me some advice about apple garden and another vegetabals.I grow walnut,cheery,pear,fig,peach,apple,plum tree,hazelnut.What do you think of about this subcekt.I retired four year ago cement sectör,my location nearbay the Gebze.I think we live same climate condition.I wait your suggestion.Best regards

Hayreddin sakar hat gesagt…

Mr. İlhami Uyar; You have seen this garden and may be good looking. I hope so too. This garden not belong to me. It belongs to my student's father.
He is working in Bodrum and gave this garden to put there my hives as an interim time. Meanwhile ı try to care his trees. I am also learning new things about trees an ı have understood that it is pretty difficult than beekeeping. Best wishes.